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On a whim a few days ago, I decided to see if this comic had been reborn or picked back up in some form or fashion. I hadn’t thought of Blip in years, but I still had a little bookmark I had moved from browser to browser for the old hosting site. When I found this site, I had thought it was someone posting an archive or something until I noticed the date on the post was in 2020.

I re-read the whole comic over the past few days, and it reminded me why I was so sad to see it disappear in the first place. I genuinely enjoyed the concept of this celestial body that feared a disruption of order, but more than that, I felt sorry K. She just wasn’t a webcomic character to me anymore. She was this living breathing woman, who at every turn was being denied the very comfort she needed. The angels were *Proud* of themselves, destroying this person’s emotions purely because she existed.

Thank you. Thank you for continuing this comic. K is still in pain, that much is obvious, but now that the story is continuing she has a chance at happiness and closure.

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