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One of my favorite webcomics came back!
Take your time, no rush.
I’m just glad to know you’re still alive.

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I still remember when this comic had vanished. At least twice a year I would search Google for any terms I could think of that might lead me to some news about what happened or if it would ever come back. I never found anything beyond different forum and blog posts of people wondering the same thing. What amazed me the most was that the posts I found were rarely more than a couple weeks old at the time I found them. I’ve made similar searches for other web comics, but never with that kind of result. I couldn’t even name the others anymore, but if Blip was still missing, I’d still be looking.

I may have shared that before, but I’m reminded of it every time there’s an update.

Take your time, Sage. I’ve waited years to get one update. I can handle a few weeks for the next one. 🙂

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