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WTF HOW IS BLIP ALIVE?! DID SOMEONE TAKE OVER THE STORY? I thought I heard that the original author got cancer and had passed? I was reading through the archive of the comic I saved when the original site started having problems, and I googled it to see if it was still up and found this?!

Well, explains a little bit of it, though without getting into detail. And no, noone else has taken over, it is sage itself.
And don’t get your hopes high on the ‘once per week’ line there – the archive was uploaded roughly in that pace (or even faster), but new posts only pop up once per month or so 😉 Which is OK, as long as you know it.

It is so, so, so good to see this alive. I remember when I first discovered this wonderfully quirky but deep webcomic some 5-6 years ago. It made me a fan instantly. I don’t re-read this often (I tried rereading after I was done first time, but gave up halfway. I have no idea why), but I like to come back to it few years. In fact, this is my third read, last one was back in September 2014. Back then in that year, when I was done reading it for second time, I felt like crying, because I was uncertain if this would ever… go on. Happy to be proven wrong! There is something… about this webcomic that fills me with warmth. I uhhh, do not know how to proceed further, not that good with this. Yeah. All I can say is, keep up with this, even if it is all rather, uhhh, sporadic! Patience is a virtue.

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