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Too bizarre.

I’m bored. I’ve just buzzed through my daily check of webcomics bookmarks and start to wonder, whatever happened to Blip? I gave up on that comic years ago after Blip had not updated for months.

So at midnight March 3 I decide to search for more Blip. Google at first leads me to a suspended account, and I am sad. Did the writer die? The activity of the comic had dropped off a lot, before stopping altogether.

So I do some more googling and find that the comic had not been updated since 2012, and the account suspended in 2014. But wait, there is a new link to new activity? And so here I am writing this account.

How coincidental is it that after more than 3 years, the mood struck me to look for this comic again mere days after Blip actually could be found again?


I feel that. It took be 22 more days after you, but I was typing in some URL which started with ‘b’, and what should come up but my old bookmark. I could not bear to delete it, and for the intervening years, I would look at it, lonely and discontinued, a shrine to the glory of the past.

Bizarre is definitely appropriate.

Aaany minute now…

J/k, it’ll be ready when its ready, just know that the expectation is well deserved and a reflection on how good the story is, I mean come on, several people, me included have waited like 4 years for an update, most of us re-read the whole comic when we found out it’ll come back. What I mean with all this is… don’t feel presured to update, we are here, and new people will be here as time pass because your story is wonderful and we want more of it, no matter how long it takes. That being said, we all hope it comes soon.

Sorry for my grammar, english is not my birth language, this wonderful comic has reached way more people than just the natural english speakers.

You know, I won’t truly believe the return of Blip until the next page is uploaded.
Like, I know, Sage is back, Sage posted on Deviantart, Sage has this website.

But still.

So long as it’s just until here—it’s the same point it’s been at for years. While I doubt it’s all a big prank, I can’t help but not fully believe it until until it’s actually here.

Wow! I’m also quite surprised that I happen to check again after such a long time just after this has started up again 🙂 After checking monthly for a while after the updates had stopped, at some point I had given up for good … or so I thought …
I just hope this is not just here to make clear that it is still property of Sage, but to be continued at some time. That would be so great!

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