Some activity! Still working out the kinks but almost back to schedule. So far, it’s looking like a one per week for now but I hope things will change in the near future. Thank you for all your messages, emails, and comments! You’re too rad! More stuff to come!


Welcome welcome welcome!!! This is Rakugaki Wall- a collection of stuff that will most certainly make you go, “meh”. There’s Blip! Which is slowly getting updated…It will continue! Yes! And more! (Later though…) I’m sorry that everything’s a bit of a mess here but it’ll get there. It will.

A new year, a new home! Makes one wonder why this wasn’t done earlier…

Now, about that disappearing thing…

I’m very sorry. No notices, updates, replies- nada. It’s a total jerk move. I deserve the title “Jerkface”. I apologize for sounding vague but it was a long and constant ordeal. This captures it perfectly. The moon crashing part especially.

And finally, to all the lovely folks, thank you for all your kind words and support. All of your emails and messages are so very, VERY appreciated. I’m still reading through them and I am so sorry if I haven’t replied yet. The positive reinforcement, the positive vibes, the LOVE…It all makes me feel so much stronger and inspires me to do so much work. Thank you thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! I Love you ALL!!!

I must say WordPress is amazing. Special thanks to Michael Sisk for creating the groovy Webcomic plug-in. High five, Mike!

Happy New Year! Here we go, 2016!